Getting to Know About Heating Cover

Heating cover gives you the peace of mind you need in times of boiler breakdown during the long, cold winter months, or just to have your central heating system maintained on a regular basis.

You can easily compare prices to make sure you are getting the best deal for you, based on your needs and the size of your household.

The type of system you have will affect the price of your heating cover and combi boiler prices, particularly if it is an old or new model, as boilers today tend to be much more economical and reliable to run.

Some types of cover will not include scale damage or annual services and they might give you a limit on the amount of claims you can make on your central heating system each year. You should compare different plan details to make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money. The cheaper plans tend to exclude more.

If you do not get any cover for your boiler or central heating system, then you could end up facing a large payment to have a new combi boiler installation when this would have been covered with heating cover.

Heating cover for a gas boiler should ideally include points such as boiler repairs (parts and labour included), part of the cost for replacing your system if it cannot be repaired and preferably an unlimited amount of claims, or at least a certain amount, in each year. Your cover would hopefully include your annual service on your gas boiler.

Heating cover for an electric boiler should include the parts and repairs to your boiler, an emergency service which is guaranteed and part of the new boiler cost for replacing your system if it cannot be repaired. Your cover should also include a certain number or an unlimited number of claims made on the boiler each year and a helpline number to the electricity company for callouts.

When you decide on the cover you need, you will be asked to give details of where you live, so that plan options can be discussed, as well as giving details about your particular heating system at home, how old your boiler is and how many bedrooms your house has.

Applying for heating cover is quick and easy online.

You should be free to change your gas and electricity supplier without this affecting your heating cover.

Make sure you check the terms and conditions of your cover before you switch to a new one, because each cover provider will have their own cancellation policies.

You can get heating cover for an old boiler but may find that the options available to you are slightly more limited, depending on the age of the boiler and its energy efficiency. A boiler more than 15 years old, for example, will have more limited choices for cover.

Central heating boilers that can be covered include conventional gas and oil boilers, condensing gas and oil boilers, combination gas and oil boilers, electric storage heaters and boilers, warm air units, solid fuel units and low water content boilers.

Heating cover will generally stipulate a no claim period, when it starts. This prevents homeowners whose boilers have an existing problem from exploiting their cover provider.

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