How to Find the Best Combi Boiler Prices

We all want the best value for money when buying anything in life, especially nowadays in the UK with the big fat greedy bankers causing all sorts of economic problems for the British tax payer.

Choose Installer Carefully

Apart from a car or a home, a combi boiler is one of the biggest purchases you’re likely to make and certainly one of the most important. Finding the best combi boiler prices is a must as there are lots of people out there who will try and rip you off with your new home improvement without you knowing it.

Free up some cupboard space

No need for storage tanks & clutter

Combi Boiler Benefits

Unless you live in a huge home, then there is no point in buying anything other than a combi boiler as there is just no need these days for things like

storage tanks
lots of extra pipework

which are all tucked away neatly in a combi boiler.

Ask Around.

This might seem obvious but some people do tend to go with the first combi boiler prices offered to them for their new heating installation or the first sales page they stumble across on the Internet.
Ask friends, family and work colleagues about their combi boiler, like what model is it, how much they paid for it and how much to install it, have they had any problems, did they get heating cover or was it a big improvement on the old one etc..

You will be surprised at how much you will learn from this as buying a new combi boiler for your home is quite a big commitment and your new boiler cost could go through the roof if you are not careful.

Buy British.

Ideal Logic Plus Boiler

Ideal logic, ideal price!

Apart from doing your bit to boost our economy, getting parts easily and quickly is a must and buying British is a sure fire way to do that. There are quite a few British combi boiler manufacturers out there who are reliable and trustworthy and have all sorts of different combi boiler price ranges to suit your needs and budget.

Use Online Forums

This is a must do for me when I have a new interest for getting information on any subject. These places are just filled with experts and people who know their stuff. So to find info on combi boiler prices, heating cover or home improvement, you would need to find a plumbing or heating forum. Just Google the words “UK heating forum” and hey presto, your in business..

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Getting to Know About Heating Cover

Heating cover gives you the peace of mind you need in times of boiler breakdown during the long, cold winter months, or just to have your central heating system maintained on a regular basis.

You can easily compare prices to make sure you are getting the best deal for you, based on your needs and the size of your household.

The type of system you have will affect the price of your heating cover and combi boiler prices, particularly if it is an old or new model, as boilers today tend to be much more economical and reliable to run.

Some types of cover will not include scale damage or annual services and they might give you a limit on the amount of claims you can make on your central heating system each year. You should compare different plan details to make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money. The cheaper plans tend to exclude more.

If you do not get any cover for your boiler or central heating system, then you could end up facing a large payment to have a new combi boiler installation when this would have been covered with heating cover.

Heating cover for a gas boiler should ideally include points such as boiler repairs (parts and labour included), part of the cost for replacing your system if it cannot be repaired and preferably an unlimited amount of claims, or at least a certain amount, in each year. Your cover would hopefully include your annual service on your gas boiler.

Heating cover for an electric boiler should include the parts and repairs to your boiler, an emergency service which is guaranteed and part of the new boiler cost for replacing your system if it cannot be repaired. Your cover should also include a certain number or an unlimited number of claims made on the boiler each year and a helpline number to the electricity company for callouts.

When you decide on the cover you need, you will be asked to give details of where you live, so that plan options can be discussed, as well as giving details about your particular heating system at home, how old your boiler is and how many bedrooms your house has.

Applying for heating cover is quick and easy online.

You should be free to change your gas and electricity supplier without this affecting your heating cover.

Make sure you check the terms and conditions of your cover before you switch to a new one, because each cover provider will have their own cancellation policies.

You can get heating cover for an old boiler but may find that the options available to you are slightly more limited, depending on the age of the boiler and its energy efficiency. A boiler more than 15 years old, for example, will have more limited choices for cover.

Central heating boilers that can be covered include conventional gas and oil boilers, condensing gas and oil boilers, combination gas and oil boilers, electric storage heaters and boilers, warm air units, solid fuel units and low water content boilers.

Heating cover will generally stipulate a no claim period, when it starts. This prevents homeowners whose boilers have an existing problem from exploiting their cover provider.

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How to Keep Your New Boiler Cost Down

If you are looking to buy a new boiler, then getting it as cheap as possible is always an important factor for most people. Your new boiler cost can go through the roof when leaving it in the hands of people that you do not know very well. Check out plumber Newcastle for competitive prices!


You must do some research when looking for a new boiler installation so you know you are investing in a product you can rely on, but, also be cost effective for your budget.

There are lots of ways to do research, the simplest and most common way these days is on the Internet.

I can spend hours searching for the best deal when looking to buy simple household products that are typically less than £20. For a new boiler and installation, it is so much more important than your average purchase so putting some time and effort into research is a must to keep your new combi boiler prices to a minimum.

Ideal Logic Plus Boiler

Manufacturer Matters

Buying new branded boilers like Vaillant, Worcester-Bosch and Baxi are a good way to play it safe as these are all tried and tested boiler makes that have been around for years.

Ideal boilers have a terrible reputation due to their troublesome Ideal Icos and Ideal Isar models from years back which do not get made anymore but there is still lots of them out there.

However, Ideal make really good boilers nowadays especially their Ideal Logic plus range. They are simple to use, simple to install, simple to maintain and really cost effective for your average home. They also come with at least a 5 year parts and labour guarantee.

New Boiler Costs

You can buy a cheap brand new combi boiler these days for £400 but chances are it will not be long before it is breaking down and needs repaired or possibly replaced.

You should be looking to pay around £700 – £1000 for a decent boiler at a cheap price or £1000 – £2000 for a top of the range trusted make and model.

Always remember you also need to buy a flue (tube to take fumes from boiler to outside) separately, as you do not get flues with the new boiler unless it comes as a package deal. Flues typically cost between £50 – £100 for a standard flue kit.


Find Your Own

Sourcing your own boiler is key to keeping your new boiler cost down. You can buy new boilers cheaper online normally.

This is a good way to stop the installation company or your heating engineer who is going to install your new boiler from making any profit on the sale of the new boiler cost.

You could start your search on Google just to get the ball rolling until you find a cheap supplier that can beat all other suppliers prices.

If you know what else you need for your new boiler installation then buying as much as possible before hiring someone to install it is also going to keep your new boiler cost down. Things like -

  • copper tube and fittings
  • radiators and towel rails
  • radiator valves and TRV’s
  • compression fittings
  • central heating inhibitor and cleaner



So, to keep your new boiler cost down as much as possible, just buy as many parts and materials as you can for the new installation and do your research before getting any quotes and estimates. You must find that all important trustworthy heating installer.

You can also take out heating cover to cover the costs of any repairs or maintenance in the future. If your boiler is not still under a manufacturers warranty, then taking out some form of boiler insurance could be a good idea!